Ceramic coating for construction use

This product is a coating made by using inorganic materials and introducing other special raw materials through mixing, catalysis, reaction, etc. The manufacturing process uses alcohol and water as solvents. Being no harm to the environment or human body, the product is very environmentally friendly.
After curing, the hardness of the coating film is very hard, reaching 9H. It also has the characteristics of wear resistance, heat resistance and scratch resistance. Being made of inorganic materials, the product is non-combustible and smoke-free, and it will not burn or produce smoke even when exposed to open flames. Therefore, the product is highly recommended for use in related products that require heat and fire protection, such as the metal materials in various cookware and different types of buildings or public sites (such as the decorative aluminum or steel panels of subways, high-speed trains, airports, large shopping malls, hospitals, etc.). The product is not only environmentally friendly and safe,but also adaptable to match your various aesthetic designs.

Products Features

1. Low temperature curing:
This product is a coating with low heat energy consumption,which can effectively reduce CO2 emissions.
2. High hardness:
The hardness of the ceramic coating can reach 9H after curing. The surface will not be easily cut or scratched.
3. High abrasion resistance:
This ceramic coating can withstand 3,000 times of abrasion resistance test
4. Weather Resistance:
The coating composition of the ceramic coating is inorganic materials, thus it has excellent weatherability.
5. Flame and heat resistance:
The ceramic coating has a heat resistance up to 600 ° C. It will not burn or generate smoke or harmful gases when exposed to an open flame.
6. Easy to clean:
The surface of the ceramic coating has a low surface tension. It is resistant to graffiti and easy to clean.
7. Environmentally friendly:
This ceramic coating contains no harmful substances and can be safely applied on building materials and kitchen supplies.
8. Colorful:
This ceramic coating is available in a variety of colors and can be blended according to your needs.

Ceramic coating parameters

                            Item                               Data
Curing temperature 200~240°C
Curing time 20 mins
Film thickness 35~45㎛
Normal temperature film hardness 9H
Abrasion resistance Up to 3000 times
Temperature resistance Up to 600 °C
Weather resistance QUVB, 5000 hours, △E<5

Performance comparison between ceramic coatings and fluorine coatings

           Item          Ceramic coating        Fluorocarbon coating
Flame resistance Non-combustible, will not generate harmful gases Flammable, will generate harmful gases
Color Various color choices Limited color selection due to high temperature curing
Self-cleaning ability Self-cleaning Low surface energy, easy to clean, but the panel surface is also prone to electrostatic adsorption of dust and rain marks. Regular cleaning is required.
Surface hardness High low
Resistance to acid rain Excellent Excellent
Resistance to organic solvent Excellent good
VOC emissions A small amount of ethanol will be emitted, no environmental hazards Emission of harmful gases such as aromatics, esters and ether