Product No. PQ-820

PQ-820 is composed of special silicone resin. It is a kind of air-drying coating. The cured PQ-820 not only has a permanent anti-graffiti effect, but also has good water repellency, weatherability and gas permeability. It is very suitable for the exterior wall painting of various buildings. The features of the product are as follows:

■ Anti-graffiti
■ Weatherability
■ Breathable
■ Anti-adhesion (resistance to poster pasting)

The applicable substrates are:
■ Cement wall
■ Stone
■ Brick
■ Wood

Construction method

1. The surface of the substrate needs to be cleaned
2. Use roller coating, brushing or a non-air spray gun to apply the coating
3. Please use ester, xylene or cyclohexane as diluent
4. Drying time: PQ-820 is a moisture-hardening product. It is easier to harden in a state where the humidity is relatively high. It takes about 24 hours to completely dry and harden under the general humidity state.
5. Precautions: After opening, the product needs to be used up once the package is opened, so as to avoid the viscosity increase of PQ-820 due to the moisture in the air, and to avoid wrinkle phenomenon on the surface after the painting harden