GrandTek Advance Material Science Co. Ltd (Taiwan).

Established in 1988, GrandTek specializes in functional resin material research, development, production, and sale services for companies around the world. GrandTek’s product brands include STARKON® silicon resin and derivatives, GIGAMIDE® polyimides and polyamide-imides, UNIQSOL® sol-gel materials, VIRIDIN® architectural coatings, and CERACONE®/CERATFE®siliconized ptfe hybrids.

Research and Development Commitment

  • Develop new products to meet market requirements;
  • Provide efficient technical support to customers;
  • Optimize processes to decrease cost and improve quality;
  • Sustainable innovation to reduce environmental impact.

Research Topics

  • Basic Research
  • Organic Synthesis
  • Electronic Materials
  • Performance Coating
  • Functional Polymers