DANAFLON® is a water-dispersible spray coating that is made from a pure fluoropolymer binder with no hydrocarbon resin as a diluent. Using PVF (Poly Vinyl Fluoride) resin made by DuPont™ as the sole binder, DANAFLON® has excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, stain resistance, abrasion performance, along with excellent adhesion with flexibility. These outstanding features give DANAFLON® much better coating performance than the widely available PVDF coatings that are diluted with non-fluorinated acrylic binders.

(1)For years, Pao Qun Chemical Co., Ltd. has engaged in the production and marketing of building & construction coatings, especially PVDF(Poly Vinylidene Fluoride) based coatings. Our experience has shown that PVDF based coating systems require the addition of at least 30% of an acrylic resin to get good spray application and adhesion properties. But this same acrylic resin can compromise the good stain resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and flexibility of the fluorinated resin.

(2)For this reason, Pao Qun Chemical Co. Ltd. has been working hard to find a solution to overcome these compromises in the mixed fluorocarbon/acrylic resin systems currently offered in the market. Since 1999, Pao Qun Chemical Co. Ltd. has embarked on the research and development of a brand-new pure (100%) Fluoropolymer based architectural coating that can avoid these drawbacks. Thanks to the long-term business relationship between Pao Qun and DuPont™, Pao Qun has successfully developed a 100% Fluoropolymer based waterborne PVF architecture spray coating system.

(3)The PVF resin that we use in our coating is the same material that is used in DuPont™ Tedlar® PVF Film where it has shown excellent long-term durability, cleanability, and weatherability over many years.

Using our own patented technology and know-how, and with the support from DuPont™, Pao Qun succeeded in formulating a high quality waterborne spray system that has both excellent spray properties and film properties.

Features of the water-dispersible PVF architecture spray coating:
(1) 100% Fluoropolymer resin coating. No acrylic diluent.
(2) Water-dispersible. Eco-friendly.
(3) The new100% Fluoropolymer coating has excellent UV resistance and unmatchable weather resistance capabilities.
(4) The new 100% Fluoropolymer PVF coating also possesses outstanding chemical resistance. It resists damage from sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, and sodium hydroxide much better than PVDF based coatings that also contain 30% of an acrylic diluent.
(5) The new 100% Fluoropolymer PVF coating has excellent stain resistance and anti-graffiti performances. Unlike PVDF coatings, solvent or water based marker stains are easily removed by water or a mild solvent ethanol.
(6) Again unlike PVDF coatings, our new 100% Fluoropolymer coating is resistant to most common solvents.
(7) Color selection. Our new 100% Fluoropolymer based coating is available in most of the colors available with PVDF coatings.
(8) The new 100% Fluoropolymer PVF coating provides better color stability than PVDF based coatings do.
(9) The new 100% Fluoropolymer PVF coating provides better abrasion resistance than PVDF based coatings.
(10) The new 100% Fluoropolymer PVF coating gives better adhesion with flexibility than PVDF based coatings.

Our 100% Fluoropolymer based coating also has excellent spray properties, allowing precise application on various substrates.

Partner with us
Pao Qun Chemical Co., Ltd sincerely invites companies of the same trade interested in our new PVF architectural spray coating to partner with us on the application and marketing of the 100% Fluoropolymer architectural coating.